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Octavius Miller is the founder of Octavius Miller Enterprises which oversees the operation of several ministerial and marketplace exploits. Serving as a worship leader since the age of 14 and preacher of the gospel since the age of 17, his life has been dedicated to the cause of Christ. Outside of his love for Christ, Octavius has another love in his life his beautiful daughter, Jace Imiah. 


Throughout his remarkable journey, Octavius has found himself in the company of world renowned change agents and charismatic authorities. Some of whom have shaped his perspective and inspired his personal endeavors. Most notably Octavius attributes a large portion of who he is today to the invaluable impartations received from the late Bishop Charles A. Lewis and Mother Dr. Dorothy Boyd-Rush. From the lessons learned from both individuals, Octavius has consistently sought God's presence, immersing himself in the Word and fervently pursuing a lifestyle of prayer as to not neglect the gift of God imparted within. 


Guided by a profound sense of purpose, Octavius is driven by a singular objective: to fulfill God's will in his life no matter the cost. The objective was tested when Octavius walked away from a successful career with the federal government and a pathway which was about to lead him to secure a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. He walked away from it all in obedience to instruction from the Lord. 


On April 24, 2023, Octavius humbly received his doctorate degree from Omnikey Christian University with concentrations in music and prophetic ministry for his unrelenting dedication to ministry. With an unwavering commitment to echoing the intentions of God's heart and mind, Octavius endeavors to make a profound impact on the world, spreading God's message and fostering positive change throughout the Earth.


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