Full payment is required for projects $150 and under. Projects over $150, will require a non-refundable deposit of 50% prior to project commencement.  All payments must be made within 48 hours of receipt of initial invoice or all project terms and agreed upon timeframes are null and void.


All remaining unpaid balances will be due within 24 hours of client’s final design approval. Upon receipt and clearance of final payment the design will be finalized and all images without watermark and required final file types will be delivered to you.


Payments that are not made through the place an order tab will be accepted via Stripe Invoicing and will include a 6% processing fee.  Cash App and Zelle are available upon request. Project commencement will not occur until payment has been 100% cleared.



All pricing at The Cre8ve Brand is subject to change at any time.  All pricing agreements made prior to any changes will be honored and remain valid on all open projects or up to 30 days after a quote has been provided.  




The Cre8ve Brand does not provide refunds for any projects that have been started unless agreed upon.  If partial work has already been received by the client and they choose to cancel the project, any payments received will not be refunded for any reason. In addition to not receiving a refund ownership of all artwork, layouts and development will remain the property of The Cre8ve Brand and finalized work will not be sent to the client for their use. If the project is in it’s final stages or full payment has already been received, ownership will be transferred to client. 



In the event that The Cre8ve Brand is unable to complete the project due to circumstances beyond my control, such as sickness or unfortunate incidence, a credit will be held for the client for up to 45 days. If the credit is not used within the 45 day window, it will be forfeited and any funds will not be transferred to any other projects. 

If The Cre8ve Brand agrees to give a refund, it will be 10% of total project up to $50.





ANY design work presented to you prior to project completion is for review and approval purposes only.  Concepts may not be copied, manipulated, or distributed to any person or company outside of The Cre8ve Brand.  Any concepts that are not chosen and paid for will be a violation of our rights if they are used elsewhere. The Cre8ve Brand owns all copyrighted work and designs provided until final payment has cleared.  The Cre8ve Brand retains sole possession of all intellectual property. Legal action will be taken against anyone in violation of the copyright laws protecting designs, concepts, and projects.





Please ensure that you are giving clear feedback & listing all changes for revisions. For all design projects, there is a one (1) round revision limit.  After that, all additional revisions will incur a $20 fee per round.  This is to ensure that your project can be completed in a reasonable time frame and I can maintain a steady workflow to provide the best quality of service for all clients. 

Revisions will not allow a complete project redo. Revisions are limited to color change and verbiage correction (grammar). If the entire layout is to be changed, additional fees will be requested.





Developing a vision for your business and brand is important and it is my job to help you relay that vision to your target audience.  I have no problem coming up with my own concepts, but please keep in mind our creative visions may not match and this tends to lead to more revisions and longer turnaround times than necessary. Please have some form on concept or style for your project to ensure that I can provide you with designs that best fit your brand.


Clients are required to submit all high-resolution photos and verbiage required for their project via email.  Low resolution photos will not result in the best quality design.  In the event that stock photos are required an additional fee may occur to cover the cost of image licenses. Please make sure all submitted content is grammar and spell checked. The Cre8ve Brand will not be held liable for any copyrighted information submitted that you do not have rights to. 





Prior to project commencement an estimated timeframe will be provided. Please be advised that the timeframe is based upon business days only (Monday-Friday, excluding weekends and holidays)





A project will be considered abandoned if I have not heard from you within (5) business days. This will revoke any rights to use any of the design and/or concepts that were presented to you. In the event that you wish to resume the project after the (5) day abandonment, a $50 fee will apply for graphic design projects and $100 for web design projects





All communication regarding concepts, details and changes will take place via email so that we both have records of correspondence. 


Logo designs will always be sent in .PNG format. All other digital projects (flyers, business cards, website graphics, etc) are sent in .JPG, .PNG format or non-editable .PDF format.


All source .PSD files remain the property of The Cre8ve Brand unless purchased. Once a project has been finalized and the files have been delivered to you, (with the exception of source files) you own the rights to what you have purchased.


Copyrighting and/or trademarking your logo is solely up to you and not the responsibility of The Cre8ve Brand.





The Cre8ve Brand reserves the right to add all completed projects outside of any legally binding non-disclosure agreements to our portfolio or use for marketing purposes. Additionally, all completed websites will list The Cre8ve Brand as the website designer. If there is a privacy issue involved, please inform us prior to project completion. 




All custom merchandise is considered final sale items. There will be NO refunds on any items that are completed. In order to receive pics of work before shipping, it must be requested. However, there will be a preview before starting the printing process.At that time please make sure the colors and sizes are correct. 


Addresses must be given correctly, The Cre8ve Brand will not be responsible for any orders delivered to the wrong address due to address given incorrectly.